Oppressive heat and humidity linger through Sunday and early stages of heat-related illness

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Columbus, Ga – Heat Advisory continues throughout the entire region from late morning through sunset through Saturday. Later in the forecast, we will see a front entering the southeast, which will send energy our way for added relief. Consider the weekend weather to continue oppressive until early next week. The mid to upper 90s until next week. HEAT RELATED ILLNESSES

Great tips from our story on News 3 with RN Jack Rodgers from Piedmont Columbus Regional and Director of Emergency Services:

“It’s easy in the early stages of heat-related illness to get out of the environment and start to take care of yourself. You’re going to feel pretty bad but it’s manageable. When you get to the point where it’s heatstroke, that’s a true life-threatening emergency and you need to go to an emergency department after that.”

“Early on fatigue, profuse sweating, muscle cramping. When you notice muscle cramping is happening, you’ll want to stop your activity and let your muscles rest. Don’t go back to any activity until you rehydrate, and the muscle cramps are gone so you don’t damage your muscles.”

“People start drinking once they become dehydrated after being in the heat at that point you’re playing catch up. You have to hydrate before going outside. Maybe a quart of water, a quart of a beverage that has some kind of nutrient replacement. Just to make sure your tank is full before you get outside and start sweating everything off.”

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