Columbus, Ga (WRBL)- One local hair salon/ barbershop is still suffering from the effects of COVID-19. The local salon has found a way to keep business going.

When the pandemic first started hair salon/ barbershop, Overflo had to close its doors for exactly three months. Being out of business for three months impacted this salon extremely hard, closing their doors caused them to lose clients that they’ve had for numerous years.

The salon has reopened and is following CDC guidelines, but they are still feeling the loss from losinf their regular clientele. Barbershop owner Gerald Riley says he and his wife have had to raise prices in their hair salon/barbershop to help balance things out financially.

“Because of COVID, we’ve gone up on our prices so that kind of softened the blow of certain customers not coming back. Our supplies have gone up, so our prices have gone up and so it kind of balances out financially, some of the loss that we have taken since COVID,” Riley said.

Overflo Salon is making sure to follow CDC guidelines to keep stylists and clients safe. Upon entering the salon stylist must wear masks and gloves, the client must wear masks, have their temperatures, and answer wellness questions. Riley said that he and his employees are team players and they want to do what’s best for their customers. The salon allows their customers to make appointments and each client is scheduled 30 minutes apart from each other. Riley believes their customers appreciate their professionalism.

“I think they feel secure in knowing that we are following the rules and regulations set by our state governor,” Riley said.

Even though the vaccine is available and those in the community are receiving it, Riley plans on still following CDC guidelines. Until all of the United States is COVID free and vaccinated, Riley still has an uncertainty about the future of his business and says the possibility of having to close their doors for good is still lingering.

“I never thought that I would have to close my business because of COVID, now it’s a reality that we still might close any day now, but we have adjusted to COVID,” Riley said.