Piedmont Columbus Regional honors CPD officers for helping to save a young girl after being shot in the chest

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Piedmont Columbus Regional honored two officers for their heroic response to a shooting back in July. 

At just a year old, Marriah Terrell was fighting for her life after being shot in the chest. The shooting happened at an apartment complex on 6th avenue. When officers arrived at the scene they assisted in providing first aid to Terrell and covering the wound.

“Obviously in our career we deal with all age ranges with all types of scenarios, but thinking back I believe this is the first situation of this type dealing with a child this young being shot. It was adrenaline going, just not really panicking but kind of can we do something,” Corporal Ashley Still said.

Mary Bozilia with Piedmont Columbus Regional says Terrell is a miracle baby and the officers that helped are heroes.

“The quick response and the recognition of the extent of her injury putting pressure on that wound at the time stopped the bleeding. It helped to stop the bleeding and that’s very, very important and life saving measures and recovery in patient outcomes. The fact that she is walking and talking and laughing with the officers right now is incredible and she is going to have such a good life,” Bozilia said.

Piedmont Columbus Regional honored the Corporal Ashley Still and Seth Cole with plaques with the engraving “First Friday Hero.” 

photo courtesy of Piedmont Columbus Regional

Terrell’s mother says seeing her child wounded and in pain was the hardest part of the recovery, but everyday she is reminded how much of a fighter her baby girl is. 

“The bullet hit her straight through her chest. It missed her heart by an inch and it hit her left lung and when the doctors told me it didn’t hit any of her organs and it didn’t cause no brain damage so I thank God for that,” Creasia Terrell said.

“I mean she’s made a huge recovery and just everything about her is just honestly a miracle. It’s an amazing experience,” CPD officer Seth Cole said.

Mariah will also be a miracle child ambassador for the hospital.

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