Dr. Shania Seibles with Piedmont Columbus Regional stops by “News 3 Midday” for Wellness Wednesday to discuss high risk pregnancies and treatment options.

Dr. Seibles touches on the many services Piedmont Columbus Regional offers for expectant mothers who need extra care.

In addition, Piedmont Columbus Regional shared the following information to pass along to News 3 viewers regarding high-risk pregnancies and treatment options:

Dr. Seibles is a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, a high-risk pregnancy specialist that works with the Obstetric Team (OBGYN, midwives, etc) providing consultations and co-management for women with complex conditions before, during, and after pregnancy. This can include counseling (medical/fetal conditions, genetic counseling), tests and procedures (genetic screening and testing, ultrasound, cerclages) both outpatient and inpatient.

Reasons one may be referred to an Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist can include advanced maternal age (Age > or = 35), hypertension, diabetes, renal disease, infectious disease (HIV, Hepatitis), mood disorders, maternal cardiac disease, autoimmune disease, (SLE, thyroid), neurologic disease (seizure disorder), thrombophilia/blood clotting issues, obesity, previous pregnancy complications (preterm birth, preeclampsia, growth restriction), multiple gestations, and problems with the fetus (birth defects, genetic conditions, growth abnormalities).

Advice for Women:

-Optimize pre-pregnancy medical conditions: three biggest reasons for maternal morbidity and mortality are HTN/Preeclampsia, Hemorrhage, and VTEàmaternal cardiac disease has become a significant risk factor

-Maintain regular contact with OB/GYN, importance of consistent and regular prenatal care and routine screening

-Pregnancy complications can happen to anyone

-Ask Questions! Understand what is going on with your body and your pregnancy, and why your healthcare team is making certain recommendations