More than a week after 21-year-old Cross Henderson was killed in what police are calling a Upatoi home invasion, there has been no motive and few details released by Columbus police.

That should change Tuesday morning when the six co-defendants facing murder charges appear in front of a Columbus Recorder’s Court judge.

The hearing is scheduled or 9 a.m.

Each of the co-defendants will have their own lawyer. Some have hired private counsel and others will likely be represented by the public defender’s office.

“You’re not at liberty to represent more than one person in a case if there is an actual conflict,” said Columbus defense attorney Mark Shelnutt. “At this point, we don’t know what possible conflicts might be out there. At this juncture, you would not want to get in there and represent more than one and find out there was an actual conflict.”

Shelnutt is one of the private attorneys who has been hired in the case.

Two of the men facing murder charges — 23-year old Ce’uion English and 26-year-old Laqwane Kindred — have hired attorneys. English will be represented by Jennifer Curry and Kindred by Shelnutt.

The other four defendants facing murder charges are 23-year-old Anthony Foster, 22-year-old Trevonius Williams, 17-year-old Mercedes Kraft and an unnamed juvenile girl.

There has been a scramble in the local defense attorney community because lawyers can’t represent more than one client. Firms with multiple lawyers can only represent one client because of a conflict of interest rules.

“I certainly hope we can see as much as we can possibly see,” Shelnutt said. “I know that when I am in a preliminary hearing, the goal is to get as much information as you can. So, that you can know what evidence there is against your client. I intend to ask as many questions as I can.”