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Weather Update 5 PM:

Columbus, Ga. (WRBL)-The forecast remains rain-free, and pleasant fall weather will return. High pressure along the entire mid-Atlantic coupled with our front draped across the region has created this cooler and moist cloud deck for most of Wednesday. 

The high pressure will build back towards the west over the next few days and it will remain breezy through the period and the sun will return in the forecast.  Readings will climb back to the upper 80s but the air mass will remain dry thanks to the air spreading away from the region towards the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. 

This phenomenon is called an off-shore flow and this will choke off any moisture or humidity in the region. The clear skies will also continue throughout the overnights, so expect cooler morning lows dropping to the lower 60s. No significant weather in the region in the First Alert 7-day forecast, despite an active Tropical Atlantic.