We managed to get up to 61 degrees Sunday afternoon after a morning low of 40, just a little above average for this time of the year, but these are about to change as we go below average over the next several days.

The big story though could very well be what happens just to our north as many areas are under a Winter Weather Advisory, and that’s where there could be up to 2 inches of snow, with slippery road conditions. But up in northeast Georgia, they’re under a Winter Storm Warning, where they could see 4 to 8 inches, with some ice accumulations as well. So travel to northeast Georgia is definitely not recommended. The Carolinas look to get hit the hardest with spots dealing with up to an inch of accumulations of ice. Think about this, 1/2 inch of ice on a power line, adds a staggering 500 pounds of weight.

For much of the overnight locally, we’re only going to see rain. But by Sunday morning, things are quite different. We’ve got rain here, a rain/snow mix with freezing rain for By 10am, we could start to see some changeover to snow or a rain/snow mix for parts of our area. That continues through Noon and into the early afternoon. By 6pm, most of the precipitation is out of here and we’re left with mostly cloudy and cold conditions.

We are under a Wind Advisory tonight due to some pretty strong winds tonight, in fact we’re expecting wind gusts to get up 25 to 35 mph and possibly higher in the overnight hours. The good news is, the windy conditions will stay with us through Sunday afternoon and evening, helping to dry the wet roads after the rain/snow exits the region. One thing that is going to really help us tomorrow, is the temperatures. We get a rush of cold air around 9am tomorrow morning, and that’s when we expect that changeover to snow to occur. But, there are no freezing temperatures as we go through the afternoon, even though the temps drop, they stay above freezing, and that’s why we don’t expect any problems on the roads here locally.

That low pressure continues to move quickly up the East Coast, taking the rain and snow with it. Monday, we’ll continue to see some clouds thanks to a little disturbance, but it should remain dry with highs in the low 50s.

For the upcoming week, the pattern stays fairly active with a front coming through late Wednesday into Thursday, and then a system off the East Coast tries to bring in some rain and snow for parts of the southeast.

Thanks for watching WRBL News 3! Have a safe and happy Sunday! Brian