Columbus police made multiple arrests Sunday afternoon when a group of protestors allegedly entered Veterans Parkway at 13th Street, authorities told News 3.

There were about 20 people arrested about 4 p.m., Chief Ricky Boren told News 3.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson and Boren said it was a second gathering after a peaceful protest ended downtown. The original protest ended at about 3 p.m.

Boren said there was no violence and the people were arrested and charged with failure to disperse.

“All I have heard is a number of them came back after the protest was over,” Henderson said. “I was told it was not the core group that organized the original protest.”

The second wave gathered along Broadway and moved east on 13th Street toward Veterans Parkway, Boren said. Police told them not to enter Veterans and when they did they were arrested, the chief said.

The original protest started at about 1 p.m. and included about 100 people. They walked the sidewalks of Broadway and followed police instructions, according to those who witnessed the event.

There no arrests made in the original protest.