Much of the rain and storms from earlier have since dissipated, and this will continue to fall apart as we head into the ovenright hours. Could there be a light shower overnight, it’s possible, but for the most part, just mostly cloudy.

There will be some showers around early in the morning, but they quickly move off to the northeast. Meteorologist Nicole Philips will be here in the morning keeping an eye on things for you. Then, we have to keep an eye on a line of showers and storms as it races off to the south, nearing our area around the dinner time.
Thursday afternoon, we will have a chance for some showers in the forecast, but not near as widespread as Wednesday.

Rainfall totals for the next 7 days, looks like anywhere from 1 inch to as much as 2.5 inches are possible in some spots.

The good news is, we keep those below average temps in the 7-day forecast with highs in the mid to upper 80s through the weekend. And speaking of the weekend, we can’t rule out a stray shower over the weekend, but it’s definitely trending drier than the what we’ve seen the first half of the week.

Thanks for watching WRBL News 3 and have a great Wednesday! Brian