THE WEEKEND: We’ll see mostly sunny conditions for much of the day today, but stray showers and storms will be around this afternoon. Highs this afternoon will be in the low to mid 90s. For Sunday, a little bit better coverage is expected but it still won’t be a washout by any means. Highs Sunday will top out in the low 90s..

WEEK AHEAD: One thing that will be a little different compared to last week, is there will be a few more clouds around than what we saw this past week, so that will keep our highs down a bit. The chance for showers and storms will be there each afternoon and probably a little bit better chances than what you normally see on a typical Summer day, but remember, not everybody will see rain everyday.

TROPICS: The tropics remain quiet right now, but the National Hurricane Center does have its eye on some tropical waves that will be coming off the coast of Africa, and conditions will be conducive for some development later next week. So, that’s something that we’ll have our eye eye because it’s this time of the year we start to see a ramp up of tropical activity.

Thanks for watching WRBL News 3 and have a great Saturday! Brian