COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — For one Columbus business owner, it’s all about aesthetics. Ruth Tuggle, 39, owner of Studio Aesthetics in Old Town curated her waiting area to be minimal, bright and clean feeling. She offers cosmetic procedures from fillers to facials to help customers achieve the look they want.

In light of celebrities such as Blac Chyna and Courtney Cox denouncing and removing fillers in recent years, Tuggle reported her business is still doing well.

“I think, you know, that keeping everything natural with filler is definitely my vision for my clients,” said Tuggle. She further explained and said, “I think that’s kind of like where Hollywood is going, is the more natural side versus a little more overdone.”

Today, Tuggle had 20 customers booked for procedures, which is average for the business. The owner estimated Studio Aesthetics hosts 75 to 100 customers each week for appointments lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Tuggle, who has been in the industry for seven years, said, “I like to make sure that everybody is happy but still maintains their natural facial features.”

Studio Aesthetics’ owner, a nurse practitioner certified to administer Botox and filler, called herself a “conservative injector.”

Tuggle’s dedication to natural-looking procedures extends to occasionally turning customers down if she feels they are becoming addicted to facial fillers and Botox.

The owner, originally from Texas, said her studio does not offer any procedure she hasn’t already gotten herself. In fact, Tuggle first became interested in cosmetic procedures when she and her husband, Dave, started getting Botox and filler treatments about 13 years ago.

“It just made me feel better …I love the way I felt doing it and I just loved the whole process of it, which really sparked my passion for, you know, aesthetic,” said Tuggle.

She emphasized the main goal of her business is boosting clients’ confidence. Tuggle explained this means different things for everyone, so the treatment plan which each customer receives is unique too.

  • Ruth Tuggle and husband Dave pose in Studio Aesthetics' waiting area. (Olivia Yepez)
  • One of Studio Aesthetics' treatment rooms. (Olivia Yepez)

A menu of procedures from the studio’s front desk lists toxin (Botox) treatments for wrinkles, various filler options, fat reduction, PRP injections and skincare from peels to facials. Prices range from $100 for a “nano refresher” toxin treatment to $1,850 for 3 ccs of dermal fillers.

Though Tuggle reported there have been no mishaps with any procedures at her studio so far, she knocked on the white-painted wall and noted Studio Aesthetics has protocols for this, just in case.

“If something were to go wrong … we could correct it immediately,” said Tuggle, who added her staff has trainings multiple times a year and stays educated about changes in their field.

According to Tuggle, there are also limitations on who may be eligible for procedures. She specified those with allergies to ingredients in fillers or Botox should avoid these treatments. The owner also said some guests may not be viable for specific treatments like under-eye filler however could be good for lip or cheek filler.

“It really is very individual … It kind of goes along with our slogan, ‘Skincare for everybody,’” said Tuggle, “We cater to everybody’s unique facial anatomy.”

Currently, dermal fillers are FDA approved for those age 22 and older, according to their website. The FDA advises interested parties to get allergy tested for the materials in fillers before receiving treatment. Potential side effects include bruising, redness, itching and more.  

The FDA lists facial weakness and drooping as potential side effects of Botox treatment.