TROUP COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – The Troup County Sheriff’s Office is hosting their 9th annual Sheriff’s Academy for the Youth. The summer camp consists of two weeks full of activities and public safety demonstrations. 

According to Sgt. Stewart Smith, the Public Information Officer for the TCSO, both weeks are coed and the first week is the younger age group while the second week is the older age group. 

“The goal of it is to expose them to aspects of law enforcement and public safety through some of our partners and also through that we do field trips,” said Sgt. Smith. 

Each child that participates is charged a $40 registration fee that assists the department with funding the various activities the children participate in. Some of the activities include going to a skating rink, visiting Wild Animal Safari, and going to Great Wolf Lodge. 

The children also receive lunches from many local favorites like Chick fil a, Charlie Joseph’s and Kimble’s through the partnerships the local businesses have with the sheriff’s office.

Sgt. Smith said one of the biggest benefits the kids have in the camp is the ability to make new friends over the summer. The department also uses it as a community outreach event for camp-goers to see that the sheriff’s office employees are typical community members. 

“I’ll ask them what they enjoyed from the previous day and that allows us an opportunity to kind of evaluate the program, what we are doing, see if it’s successful and see if there are things we can tweak,” said Sgt. Smith. 

According to Sgt. Smith, the summer camp typically sees 50 attendees every year.