COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Children of Fallen Patriots is a non-profit organization that aims to provide financial and educational support to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty in their college years. They are raising awareness ahead of Independence Day this year as many people celebrate and remember those who served or are serving. 

The organization has been operating for 20 years and over time it has been able to help over 2,200 students, according to Bana Miller, the Senior Director of Marketing for Children of Fallen Patriots. 

“This is a way that we can, as a community, continue to support these students who didn’t sign up for the military themselves but this has become their life,” said Miller. 

Miller said the non-profit also provides technology stipends and covers living expenses for the students who express a need. The funds are provided through private sponsors and donors and the students have no limits as to where they can apply to study.  

Bailey Donahue is the daughter of U.S. Army Major Michael Donahue who died in 2014. She received scholarship tuition from the organization and earned her bachelor’s degree from University of North Carolina- Wilmington. 

“The best things are full circle so they were able to assist me while I was in school and now I serve currently as a Scholarship Administrator with Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. I’m able to provide students with scholarships and that educational counseling piece just as my previous administrator was able to provide for me,” said Donahue. 

Donahue said the financial support she received allowed her to get involved in other activities on campus as a tour guide and a peer educator. The organization also assisted her with career development and professional growth. 

“I’m hopeful to be able to help students through the process and really just motivate them to find a purpose behind that pain that they’ve experienced,” said Donahue. 

Children of fallen soldiers can apply or be recommended for assistance from the organization at