COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Although Sunday storms didn’t last long, thousands of residents across the Chattahoochee Valley were left without power. Extreme wind gusts tore down massive trees and bringing powerlines down along with them.

Georgia Power serves nearly 100,000 residents in Muscogee County and its surrounding counties.
The storm left nearly 9,000 customers without power, due to 79 separate outages in the area. As of 11pm on Sunday, that number has been reduced to 2,000.

Crews around Columbus are actively working to restore power. Georgia Power says if you are not seeing trucks actively working to restore your outage, their is still work going on behind the scenes. They are able to reroute power remotely.

They advise residents to wait for professional and take caution when it comes to active powerlines.

“Anything related to your power, of course. Leave that to the experts. If you do have a power outage and downed wires in the area, be very careful before you start removing storm debris. you know, cutting up limbs or trees that may be down…. A live power line looks just the same as a dead power line. So we want to make sure people don’t assume something is safe.”

John Kraft – Georgia Power Spokesperson

Georgia Power offers real time updates as to when your power will be restored. This includes text updates, which is a free feature for all customers.

The power outage had an impact on Columbus travelers today. Columbus Airport Employees tell News 3 airport operations were disrupted when their power went out. There was no way for passengers to access the jet bridge or check into flights. Columbus Airport Director of Marketing & Air Service Development, Sonya Overton, tells News 3 that the generators kicked in and power was restored before the last flight was scheduled to go out for the day.

All airport operations are running as normal. Their power was restored around 4:30pm.