Columbus, Ga (WRBL)-Cancer thrivers were invited to the John P. Thayer YMCA in Columbus Thursday, June 16.

The event was held in partnership with the West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition.

Together, they celebrated the end of their awards ceremony and the completion of their survivorship program.

Survivors were awarded a certificate of achievement and other prizes for completing the fitness program.

Cheryl Johnson, the President, and CEO of the West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition say the annual event has a lasting impact on cancer thrivers in our community.

Cheryl Johnson, President/ CEO, West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition “We are so excited. The culmination of the survivorship program with the YMCA and Insane Fitness has been amazing. The thrivers have come in and they all shared what they have learned and the strength that they’ve gained.”

Event organizers say they’re looking forward to reaching even more cancer survivors during the start of their next program.