Tropical Storm Sally: At this time, we all need to be prepared for any change when we have any tropical cyclone(storm-hurricane)approaching the region. 
Short Term Forecast: Sally will intensify into a strong tropical storm and eventually make landfall off the Louisiana coast moving into the New Orleans area as a Category 1 Hurricane. The landfall is early Tuesday morning, based on the latest forecast. 
Local Impacts:  Today through Tuesday the storm’s wind field at best keeps us at 10-20 mph winds potential gusts to 25. Southwest Alabama will experience Monday into Tuesday winds up to 50mph. The storm is very small and concentric, which means less dangerous impacts for our viewing area.  today there will still be an outer “type” band indirectly lifting into the region this late afternoon-evening and Monday. 
Model disparity and perspective: The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has a more westerly track pulling the energy out of the region. Our IBM GRAF models have it slowing down with the landfall around Mississippi-Alabama. The reason for this set-up is from the cool front weakening it and stalling the system. This cool front could keep it more concentrated south and almost stalling out Wednesday before it slowly lifts northward. The repeated rainfall over the same areas will dump up to 5-6″, leading to low-level flooding just south of Bullock and Barbour counties or just outside the viewing area. Locally we may not see much rain beside fast-moving brief heavy showers and embedded storms in the short-term forecast.
Currently, the NHC and GFS models pull the depression and post remnants out of Mississippi and Alabama. This transition will lift plenty of energy across our east-central Alabama and west-central Georgia counties Thursday-Friday. There are a lot of scenarios, so early speculation is not smart or a good forecast. Stay tuned for the latest weather updates, with the most experienced weather team.