LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – Troup County District 5 commissioner, Dr. Jimmy McCamey Jr., is facing another election just five months after the special elections that nominated him. 

“I’m just focusing more on what I’ve established over the course of the past five months. The relationships I’ve built with the current commissioners, the county government, county employees and also District 5,” said Dr. McCamey. 

Dr. McCamey took the place of longtime Troup County commissioner Richard English after his death in Aug. 2021. English served District 5 for 43 years and was the longest serving commissioner in the State of Georgia. 

Dr. McCamey said during the special elections that his priorities as District 5 commissioner were to tackle the lack of affordable housing in the area as well as the conditions inside the Troup County Jail. 

He told News 3 during his most recent interview that he has been meeting with potential developers that would help bring more affordable housing to District 5. He said he is currently facing many challenges with that goal because of the elevated costs of building materials. Many people in District 5 would not be able to afford the homes that would be built with those materials.  

Although he has been trying to tackle the affordable housing issue, Dr. McCamey said his main focus has been building trust between District 5 residents and the county government. He said the trust has been broken over the years. 

Dr. McCamey said if he is re-elected he would like to continue focusing on affordable housing and building a relationship between District 5 residents and the county and city governments. He would also like to begin more business development on Hamilton Rd. It is currently mainly a residential area and vacant homes have begun to get torn down making space for businesses. 

“I think once we can get Hamilton Rd. development to a great position we’ll have more people who may be interested in bringing industry to that location,” said Dr. McCamey.

Dr. McCamey said he believes he has been able to adapt to the needs that District 5 residents have. He hopes to be re-elected in the primary election so citizens can see the visible effects of the work he has been doing.