TROUP COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – The Troup County School System could be headed towards a controversial vote as they are considering placing weapon mitigation systems in all secondary schools. According to Steve Heaton, the School Safety Coordinator and Director for TCSS, the board is planning to vote on the systems at the end of the year. 

Currently, there are nine secondary schools in the district and the biggest ones have up to 1,300 students that attend each day. 

“The high schools and middle schools, you have people that come and go and historically, that’s where we have found problems if we find them, in our high schools and middle schools. What we’re trying to do is harden our structures and facilities so that we can reduce the number of weapons that come on campus. Therefore, not have a threat on campus,” said Heaton. 

Heaton said the school system is currently evaluating the costs of different systems and the personnel that would work the selected system at each school. It could be a project that costs several thousands of dollars if all nine schools received mitigation systems, according to Heaton. 

Aside from discussing the financial investment it could be, the school system is also evaluating all the access points in each school and where the systems would be best placed. 

According to Heaton, the school system has been receiving mixed feedback from parents and faculty members and that is all being taken into consideration prior to making a decision. 

“The issue is that we find guns in our school and if we find a gun in a school then I think we need to start looking at other options for us to reduce those numbers,” said Heaton.