TALBOTTON, Ga. (WRBL) – Sen. Raphael Warnock gathered a crowd of about 100 people to one of his final campaign stops in Talbotton before Election Day.

Bishop Jimmie Copeland, a local bishop at Valley Grove Church, was among the crowd and discussed with WRBL why he is supporting Sen. Warnock in the tight race against challenger, Herschel Walker.

“He is a person for all people not just a city but for the rural areas and our rural areas need Senator’s and people in politics who care for us and want to help us to be a better city and a better rural county. I believe Raphael Warnock is the man for the job,” said Bishop Copeland.

Sen. Warnock thanked all the attendees in Talbotton and encouraged everyone to hit the polls on Tuesday if they had not already voted. He emphasized in his closing message his push to cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month for people with Medicare and private insurance coverage.

Melinda Milner was an attendee at the rally and she told WRBL she supports Sen. Warnock strongly for his healthcare bill that would affect diabetics across the Peach State.

“We do need healthcare here. I am a diabetic and I’ve been one for four years and it’s hard to get service from anyone,” said Milner.

His supporters cheered throughout the rally showing their support of Sen. Warnock and his messages to the community.