While Ossoff focuses on Republican Perdue, Tomlinson says she is the Democrat who can win the seat

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On June 9, Georgia Democrats will move a step closer to deciding who will challenge Republican incumbent David Perdue for the U.S. Senate seat he has held since 2014.

The two leading candidates in that primary appear to be former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and Atlanta investigative journalist Jon Ossoff. 

WRBL News 3’s talked to both of them this week. And they are taking two different paths to the nomination. And that becomes clear when you talk to them.

Ask Ossoff about his candidacy for U.S. Senate and it doesn’t take long for him to launch into political attacks on Perdue.

Talk to Tomlinson and she’s on the offensive against Ossoff as the June 9th primary nears. She says if Ossoff lands in a Democratic runoff, he’s the loser.

“The thing that is presenting itself is he’s too weak to win,” Tomlinson said. “A failure to win outright will just reinforce that narrative.”

Ossoff talks about the primary in broader terms that almost always spends back to what he calls Perdue’s ineffectiveness.

“There are seven Democrats competing for the Democratic nomination,” Ossoff said. “We are all competing for the opportunity to challenge Sen. David Perdue. And Sen. David Perdue is the poster boy for Washington corruption.”

A poll released this week for a Democratic-leaning outlet, the DailyKos, showed Ossoff leading Perdue 47-45 over Perdue. While Tomlinson trailed Perdue 45-44.

Perdue has no primary opposition and is waiting for November will he will face the eventual Democratic nominee.

“It is being spun by two things,” Tomlinson said. “It’s being spun by his celebrity candidacy and his failed congressional race from 2017. People know his name. … Of course, he’s never finished above 50 percent in a poll or any race he’s ever been in. I think that’s the problem, the real challenge for Democrats. They are looking for someone who can beat David Perdue.”

Ossoff says that person is him.

“My campaign is the only one beating Perdue in a head-to-head matchup,” he said. ” I am taking nothing for granted. … The polling demonstrates not only can I beat him, I am beating him.”

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