WATCH: DWI suspect tries to pass sobriety test with cartwheels


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A typical sobriety test usually requires walking in a straight line, but one Albuquerque woman took the test in a different direction, displaying her acrobatic skills instead.

“Where’s this direction? Face that direction for me, with your whole body. We’re not doing yoga. I don’t know what you’re doing, put your hands down,” an officer said.

Police say Bryelle Marshall was seen sleeping in her car near Zuni and Pennsylvania Friday night. According to a criminal complaint, police say she reeked of alcohol, but she told the officer otherwise.

“Have you consumed any alcoholic beverages today?” the Albuquerque Police officer asked.

“No, I’m fine!”

After having a hard time standing up straight, video shows the officer trying to have Marshall walk in a straight line. That proves to be a challenge as well.

“Turn around and face me. Your whole body, face me. With your hands down…I don’t know what you’re doing,” the officer said.

What she ends up doing is a cartwheel, followed by another after the officer tries to show her what to do.

“OK well I’ll demonstrate it for you. Right foot in front of your left, hands down at your side, not doing somersaults,” the officer said.

The officer gives her one more chance to walk in a straight line, also warning her to not do another cartwheel.

“Don’t do it, because your going to hit me and I’m going to charge you with a battery,” the officer said.

He shows her one last time what she needs to do, but once again, comes out unsuccessful.

“When you get to that ninth step you’re going to take your rear foot out…OK, we’re done,” the officer said.

Video shows Bryelle Marshall was then placed under arrest.

Police say when they got her Downtown to do a breathalyzer, she ended up kicking the officer in the back of the leg.

Marshall was charged with battery and aggravated DWI for refusing the breathalyzer.

You can watch the full sobriety test video below.

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