We managed to get up to 83 degrees on Saturday and even though that’s above average for this time of year, it could be a lot worse considering the record is 91!

For the rest of the weekend and on into Monday, high pressure is really going to dominate our weather. Other than a few clouds from time to time, our weather through Monday is looking pretty good, and continued warm. High pressure, because of its clockwise flow will not only help keep the rain away because of the sinking air, it will also help warm us into the mid 80s on Sunday and upper 80s on Monday as it pulls that warmer air up from the south.

We will have a front approaching from the northwest on Monday, but it doesn’t get here until Tuesday. That will give us a chance of showers and help cool us off a bit. We could see a shower or two late Monday, but the bulk of the rain comes in Tuesday just ahead of that front. And at this point, rain amounts don’t look that impressive. We’re talking a quarter of an inch for areas just northwest of Columbus and Phenix City, but because the front will be weakening as it approaches, the rainfall totals really drop off the further south and east you go. On top of that, we don’t expect any severe weather with this system either.

After Tuesday, things look pretty dry until the weekend, that’s when we could see a weak front swing through on Sunday, but much like the Tuesday system, it looks like the rain amounts, if any, will be rather low.

Have a great night and thanks for watching WRBL News 3! Brian