COLUMBUS, GA (WRBL)-You have probably heard some chatter about potential winter weather across the Southeast over the last few days and while the potential is there, not all of us will see it.

First lets focus on the short term forecast.
We’ll remain stable and mild today and on Friday, we’ll occasionally have passing clouds but rain not expected. High temperatures will remain seasonable with a few areas reaching the low 60s, overnight temperatures will remain in the 30s.

More cloud cover moves in on Saturday but I do think that we could see a little bit of sun in between the clouds, high temperatures will warm up to the upper 50s. Most of Saturday will stay dry but after 5 PM we’ll begin tot see light rain moving in and becoming heavy overnight into Sunday.

Potential Winter Weather?
Mainly for areas along and north of I-20 as moisture remains dominate and a wedge of cold air moves in. These areas are likely to experience a wide-range of winter weather from rain to a mix which could cause travel issues in and around the Atlanta area. Closer to home, temperatures will be relatively warm and thus, we will have a cold rain but as this system wraps up and any lingering moisture that accompanies the cold air could produce a brief rain/snow mix but our temperatures at the surface will be too warm for it to stick.

Either way, there will be a lot of moisture associated with this system, expect rainfall totals between 1-2 inches for most.