COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Higher humidity levels have returned along with the shower and thunderstorm activity across the southeast. A few storms reached severe limits this afternoon and likely a few showers will linger into tonight.

Over the weekend we will see closer temperatures but closer to average readings with a few stray to isolated storms for Saturday as a weak back door cold front moves in from the east. Sunday appears to be slightly drier with just a few stray storms possible as temperatures climb back into the mid to low 90s.

Upcoming week will see the return of that summer-like pattern with temperatures close to average, but we will see a weak frontal boundary move in from the north. This boundary will help initiate some shower and thunderstorm convection. For that we have bumped rainfall chances up to scattered on Wednesday.

Any rainfall we receive will be beneficial to hopefully alleviate some drought conditions that have worked in, mainly for some of our Georgia counties.