The forecast remains mostly sunny and dry throughout the next several days, with the exception of passing clouds for mid-week. The morning low temperatures will be pleasant and cool dipping down into the mid-50s.

The afternoon high readings will average into the mid-80s. A strong surface high-pressure system will keep us stable and dry and a low-pressure system off the Carolina coast will remain cut off from the jet stream drifting back and forth off-shore.

The proximity of this low-pressure system remains close enough to keep us breezy at times. It has characteristics of a tropical system but does not have the warm core of a tropical storm but behaves similarly.

The western side of this will send a few weak shortwaves down towards our region. The surface high pressure will keep rain chances out and pass clouds overhead, so a dry forecast until we get a stronger front into the region, and that is nearly a week away.

We are in the traditional dry season for May. Strong cool fronts are spaced out and are few and far between until the tropical Atlantic hurricane season takes over.