Fred slowing down and shifting westward; risks of heavy rain, wind and storms still likely

7 Day Forecast

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Fred remains unorganized Saturday morning as it moves along the northern coast of Cuba, but is expected to strengthen later this evening or sometime on Sunday as it turns northward as it moves across the Gulf of Mexico. Fred will regain tropical storm status once this occurs with a potential landfall along the Florida Panhandle or along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

As for us, with the timing slowing down this pushes our window of impacts back to Monday afternoon/evening and into Tuesday morning. All threats will be possible. Heavy rain leading to some flash flooding, sustained winds of 20-25 mph with gusts higher, and outer rain bands that could spin up isolated tornadoes as the storm moves inland.

While we focus on Fred, we have another storm out in the Atlantic. Tropical Storm Grace at the moment is stronger than Fred and is expected to move across the Greater Antilles. Likely weakening much like Fred did as it moved across the island of Hispaniola, but still strong enough to hold on to tropical storm characteristics. By the end of the week, we’re laser focused on Grace as it nears the southern tip of Florida waiting to see what the storm does next.

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