COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Heading into the weekend, the forecast remains dry, but trending hotter as high pressure builds across the eastern half of the United States.

Temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 90s over the weekend, whilst humidity levels remain near tolerable conditions making the heat index just a degree to two warmer than the actual air temperature.

Next week, as the ridge of high pressure strengthens we will likely see the hottest readings of the year along with near-record temperatures and potentially record temperatures depending on the strengthening of the high pressure. Hardly any clouds so rainfall will be non-existent through this period.

End of next week remains hot and dry as the ridge remains in place, but slightly weaker heading into next weekend. Potentially could see the return of showers and storms, but at the moment that is still quite low.

Tracking the Tropics: Hurricane Hilary has captivated the eyes of the west coast with tropical storm watches issued for Southern California. The storm will bring flooding potential all across the southwest as it moves inland. 

In the Atlantic, we are keeping our eyes on a few disturbances, one that will likely traverse the Gulf of Mexico starting the second half of the weekend and several waves in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa.