COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Ending the week on a quiet and calm note; however, changes are on the way for this weekend. Overcast skies and showers and a few storms will be likely as a low pressure system moves through.

A weekend gulf system moves in late Saturday with showers lifting into the region. Overnight we will see the heaviest rain showers and a few storms. Sunday morning some of the heavy rainfall tapers off to off and on showers throughout the remainder of your Sunday.

Monday we see a break in the active weather pattern between our weekend system and another system that will arrive late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

Another low pressure moves into the southeast Tuesday bringing more heavy showers and thunderstorms, a few which could become strong to severe. At the moment the greatest threat will be along the gulf coast, but could include some of our southern counties in the threat.

Behind this system we see sunnier skies and cooler readings.