Pattern remains stagnant, temperatures continue to warm up.

7 Day Forecast

Our pattern remains stagnant with dominant high pressure, this means we’ll stay dry with a few clouds bubbling up in the afternoon and evening. High temperatures will continue warm up to the low to middle 90s over the next few days

Stargazers look up! There will be a Flower- Super- Blood moon early Wednesday morning! Named the Flower moon for the abundance of spring flowers, it will appear bigger and brighter as it makes it closest approach towards earth. The moon will appear slightly reddish in tint due to a lunar eclipse; a lunar eclipse is when the moon moves into the dark shadow of the earth or umbra and appears slightly red.

We will be able to experience the supermoon but the lunar eclipse will be a little bit tricky due to the timing of the event. The partial lunar eclipse will begin around 5:45 AM EDT but the total lunar eclipse will begin at 7:11 AM EDT or after sunrise, the best locations to see the total lunar eclipse will be west of the Mississippi River.

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