COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Grab the umbrella today, scattered showers and storms will be in the forecast for this afternoon and evening. Highs will still be in the middle 90s but should drop once storms form, severe weather not expected but a few storms may contain heavy rain and gusty winds.

The big story this week will be Idalia. As of 11 AM, Idalia maintains tropical storm status as it slowly spins near the northern tip of Cuba. Idalia Is expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico later today and become a hurricane. Current track has landfall anywhere from the Big Bend of Florida down to Tampa but until it moves into the Gulf, changes are likely.

Where Idalia makes landfall will determine the overall impact of our forecast for Wednesday. It appears that we’ll see a few of the extreme outer bands moving in by Wednesday afternoon, this will bring in scattered showers and breezy conditions to our eastern and southeastern counties. Stronger storms will stay further east and southeast of the News 3 viewing area.