Showers and storms continue as temperatures temporarily cool down

7 Day Forecast

More showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast for today, a few are possible this morning but the best chance will come this afternoon and evening. After a long streak of highs in the 90s we’ll finally see a drop in our temperatures today with most of the area struggling to get out of the upper 80s. Showers and storms may linger into the overnight hours and into early Saturday morning. 

A little bit of the same on Saturday with a few stray showers in the morning and then scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Clouds and rain chances will keep our temperatures in the upper 80s once again but any breaks in the clouds could raise some areas to around 90 degrees. Showers should come to an end late Saturday and clouds should begin to break apart, this will set us up for a drier and warmer Sunday. 

Tropical Storm Josephine continues to spin out in the Atlantic and it appears that it may stay north of the Caribbean islands. It is expected to strengthen just a little more but as it does it will encounter drier air and this will weaken it as it curves out to sea. Josephine will pose no threat to the Gulf of Mexico and it appears no threat to the US East Coast.

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