COLUMBUS, GA (WRBL)-The heat has arrived with many locations reaching the middle 90s this afternoon. When we combine the humidity it will feel like the triple digits.

A strong ridge of high pressure will continue to slowly slide to the east out of the Central Plains over the next few days. Our temperatures will gradually warm up with Wednesday the hottest day with a forecasted high in Columbus at 98 degrees. 

We do have chances for pop-up showers in the forecast and this could cool us down but significant rain chances remain low over the next 7 days.

Over the next few days remember to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks if you have to be outside. As temperatures reach the middle to upper 90s and the heat indices climb over 100 degrees. 

Heat and the impact on the body:
Normally, when the body gets too hot it produces sweat. This sweat will evaporate and cool the body off. 

When we add in extreme heat and humidity, the rate of evaporation from the body decrease and is unable to regulate its temperature. This can lead to heat exhaustion and even more serious a heat stroke.