Today we are seeing the triple-digit heat becoming more widespread. The center of high pressure continues to strengthen and this means we are on par for another triple-digit day on Thursday.

Thursday: Our record is 104° and we are adding another degree on top of this, which means we are targeting 102° for the forecast high temperature.

There are bigger changes coming up in this forecast and you are probably thinking, what could be bigger than all this “Dry Heat?”

The sub-tropical air will be lifted back into the region from a couple of upper-level disturbances, which will add more humidity back into the region and even heat index values despite the readings returning towards the mid-90s.

Finally, the extended forecast next week will bring a cool front into the region and this will knock our readings back to average or the lower 90s. Rain chances will ramp back up Tuesday and better coverage Wednesday when the physical cool front drapes across the region.