The heat continues, watching the tropics closely

7 Day Forecast

The heat and humidity will continue today with highs in the middle to upper 90s, there is a chance for a few pop-up showers and storms this afternoon but models really back off in the amount of storms that we could see. Either way, a shower or storm will provide a little break from heat the heat if we can get a few to form.

High pressure continues to steer any major storm systems away from the area so until this breaks down, we’ll be stuck in our typical afternoon pop-up storm pattern with high heat and humidity. A small break in the pattern will allow temperatures to cool off and a few more clouds and storms by the end of the weekend and early next week, while a major cool off is unlike it will still be nice to have temperatures below 95 degrees.


The tropics are starting to become active! 
Tropical Depression Seven has formed in the Atlantic Ocean between the Coast of Africa and the Lesser Antilles. This will continue to move west and strengthen into a tropical storm over the next couple of days, beyond the weekend it is unclear what kind of impact or if any impact will be made on the Caribbean islands.

Still watching a tropical wave that will enter the Gulf of Mexico over the next couple of days and continue to move west. Impacts on our area are unlike but it could bring rain and gusty winds to the coast of Texas.

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