These cheese straws are “Worth” millions…

7 Day Forecast

Donna’s own words after a brief discussion about her beloved cheese straws…

“Can’t really tell it but that’s a large roasting pan. It’s two batches. I have a guy at local bank that pays $100 a batch or $200 for these. He puts them in small containers and gives them to his really good clients!!!!”

“I was in Lane’s packing Plant in Fort Valley over the weekend. They had some in a clear plastic container. 4 oz so there wasn’t many in there for $8.99 without tax. I couldn’t believe it. I should have gone on Shark Tank with these things years ago as a startup. I’d be a millionaire!!! ”

‘I just enjoy giving them away!’

“It takes 2 and a half hours to do a batch”

And it takes us all only a few minutes to eat them all up…Thank you Donna.

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