7 Day Forecast

Thursday: Front arrives rain and storm chances are increasing!

The forecast calls for a ramp-up in showers and storms on Thursday thanks to a front stalling across the region. 

Friday: The stalled front dissipates as an area of low pressure develops and sweeps the excess energy off towards the east. Only a few showers and storms around for the rest of the morning, then generally partly cloudy.

Saturday: Front number 2 arrives with more vigor and the set-up will be elevated storms with hail and damaging wind, this will be watched Thursday if we go Weather Aware this day. 

Sunday-Monday: Not too active with a weaker front number 3 sliding through the region and this will likely be the best days in the forecast, with only a stray hit or mis shower or storm. 

Tuesday-Wednesday: Front number 4  stalls north and brings our typical summer pattern, with isolated afternoon storms each day...  

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