Tracking a late Thursday line of showers and storms

7 Day Forecast

Thursday early pretty uneventful until a good shortwave breaks away from the main area of low pressure from the southern Plains. This complex area of showers and storms is an MCS and has been pretty consistent over the last several runs. This line will bring gusty winds first across east central Alabama and then weaken into a line of gusty winds and brief torrential rain.  

Likely remaining more significant meaning that these winds will not likely exceed 45 mph.  Expecting this to be on radar at least by 6PM-8PM timeframe. Hopefully weakens and fizzles-out but these winds will be widespread and it wouldn’t take much to topple over weakened trees and treed limbs, etc.  I’m going Weather Aware because of after school activities ball games, etc.  Just be aware of changing weather.

Friday: Partly sunny most of the day, with a few showers and maybe a storm or two in the region but not seeing us having to cancel any events for Friday night.

Saturday: Scattered  showers and storms firing-up just about anywhere in the region and this doesn’t mean all day but realize weather will not be 100% reliable.

Mother’s Day:  The front finally get pushed through the region by an area of low pressure then there’s a potential for some of these storms to elevate for some strong gusty winds. Mother’s day some picnics watch later in the afternoon, so we will be seeing changing weather. I’ll monitor and pull the weather aware likely tomorrow, if this set-up doesn’t change.

Early next Week: The weather will dry Monday-Wednesday, with the exception of a few pop-up afternoon summer-like storms in the extended.  

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