WEATHER AWARE SUNDAY: Few strong storms, but not like last Sunday

7 Day Forecast

WEATHER AWARE SUNDAY MORNING: Better news to report from last Sunday but we have hazards we need to watch out for 6AM-NOON but we’ll be here overnight to let you know what to expect for any changes:

*Too many trees still standing and leaning over and will weaken more and topple easily by thunderstorm wind and just winds along the weakened squall line.

The risk for isolated severe thunderstorms are still in play for Sunday. This is not an all hands on deck like last week.

Tornado parameters are very low and if any but with severe thunderstorms you can never rule any out.

At this time the instability and shear along the front is modest and oriented more from a west to east line opposed to last week’s sharp northeast draped southwesterly.


Isolated severe thunderstorms, with a few posing damaging wind. The tornado threat is very low.

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