Columbus, Ga. (WRBL)-This severe complex of storms continues ahead of a front along with the mid-Mississippi River Valley and sends waves of storms or thunderstorm complexes called MCS or MCCs that travel many miles. This is just one of many that are in the forecast.

The potential for two more rounds is after 9pmET and another after midnight ET. 

Thursday there appears to be one in the region around 6 am but as we know these can always break up, so we need to be on the outlook. 

Friday afternoon we need to watch the passage of the front on Saturday and again, with weak disturbances possible next week. 

Models indicate that our storm track continues to direct thunderstorm complexes referred to mesoscale convective systems across the region. 

This pattern is one that we have to watch hour by hour and each day until the system breaks and high pressure builds back into the region for Sunday.  

The heat in the extended forecast will increase airmass storms with any little disturbances. Welcome to an early preview of summer.