WINTER STORM: Not all bad but we need to watch for patchy ice

7 Day Forecast


The surfaces will remain above freezing…Cold rain starts at 8am CT and then changes over to snow  along I-85 at 11/10CT AM Tuesday.  Snow flurries across Lee, Chambers in our Alabama counties…Then Troup, Meriwether, Harris, Talbot, and possibly northern Muscogee counties (Short Lived) Wind and cold dry Arctic air will blow-in fast behind this system.

Here’s the main issue with black ice, again very sporadic but any bridges LESS TRAVELED and their surfaces will cool rapidly… 9/8CT 48°, 12//11CT 40°, 6/7 PM ET 32°…The cold air passing underneath these bridges will cause these surfaces to drop to freezing and ANY standing liquid or snow in shaded areas (LIKELY MELTED) may freeze and cause patchy ice or black ice.

Most roads will remain well above freezing and the dry cold wind will help to evaporate it in time…

All it takes is one bridge with ice to cause a problem… During the period of snowfall, albeit brief there may be some visibility issues because of the wind and snow blowing.

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