“Best meteor shower of the year” The Perseid meteor shower will peak this week!


COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) – Deemed “one of the best meteor showers of the year”, the Perseid meteor shower will peak from August 11th through the 13th with over 60 meteors per hour. The waxing crescent moon will set during the early evening, so the moonlight will not obstruct your viewing.

The Perseid’s, named for the constellation Perseus the hero, can be found each year between July 17th and August 24th as Earth passes through the debris path of Comet Swift-Tuttle. As this happens, the debris from the comet collides with Earth’s atmosphere and produces a dazzling show known as the Perseid meteor shower.

During the peak Earth will actually pass through the dustiest part of the debris field and this is typically when you’ll be able to find the greatest amount of meteors in a short period of time. During this time we roughly see 60 meteors per hour but in some years we can reach up to 200 per hour. 

The best time to view the Perseid’s will be from midnight to dawn in a wide open space away from city lights! You won’t need any special equipment, all you have to do is look up and enjoy!

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