National Lightning Safety Council

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Early Monday afternoon Edvin J. Velasquez Cinto was struck by lightning while working on a roof in Deltona, Florida. Cinto was taken to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. 

Cinto is the fourth lightning fatality this year, and his death comes exactly one week after a father and son were both struck by lightning in Texas. They were walking back home from the bus stop when they were struck. The father, Matthew Boggs, was pronounced dead at the scene, and his son, Grayson Boggs, is still in critical condition. 

Each year lightning kills 22 people on average. As we head toward the summer when lightning fatalities are often the highest, it is important to remember these lightning safety tips:

  1. Outdoors is not safe in any capacity
  2. If you hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning. 
  3. Wait 30 minutes before venturing back outside.
  4. Stay away from windows and corded phones. 
  5. If you are outside: stay away from isolated trees and things that conduct electricity.