Head outside: The Draconid meteor shower is here.


Note: Passing clouds will likely limit the visibility here in the Valley, better chance to view them will be Thursday evening.

The Draconid meteor shower runs from October 6th through October 10th with the peak occurring tonight, October 8th. Unlike typical meteor showers, this one will happen during the evening when its radiant point called the winged Dragon flies highest in the night sky.

If you’re expecting to see an explosion of meteors, I have some bad news for you, this meteor shower is not the best one. The Draconids are not a rich shower and only produce about five meteors per hour but in some years like 1933, 1946 and 2011, it produced over 600 meteors. While its highly unlikely that we’ll see an outburst of meteors it’s not totally out of the question.

This annual shower happens when Earth passes through left over debris of the Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. Once this debris enters the atmosphere it burns up and produces the meteor shower.

No need for a fancy telescope or observing equipment, all you need are your eyes! Just look up and be sure to stay away from city light and if you can’t view this one, don’t worry, the Orionid meteor shower peaks later this month.


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