Pretty much all week, we’re going to be under a ridge that is encompassing much of the southern and middle U.S. Some places under that ridge are going to experience heat indexes up around 110 degrees! We won’t be quite that hot, but we won’t be too far away. As we go through the week, not much changes. It remains pretty warm each day with those temps maybe backing off a bit toward the weekend, but it will still be above average.

Let’s talk heat index. Yes, it will be quite warm, but the heat indexes will be getting into the 100s Monday all the way to Saturday. In fact Tuesday, up close to 105! Wednesday and Thursday will be very similar.

How about relief? Unfortunately, not much. Today and Monday look mostly dry. Any showers that pop up will be mainly south of us. Tuesday through Saturday, we could have a stray shower, but the story will be the heat.

So, because of the heat, you’ll want to be extremely careful if you have to do any work outdoors. Light clothing if you can, drink plenty of fluids, and take breaks, especially if you start to feel weak or have shortness of breath, those are just a few of the signs of a heat stroke So, be careful outdoors this week.

Thanks for watching WRBL News 3 and have a great week! Brian