This morning, we do have some cloudy skies, but no rain to deal with this morning. There will probably be some rain later this afternoon. The good news is, most of not all of the rain and storms, appears to be isolated to Alabama, which is good news for the Independence Celebration out at Fort Benning today. But, have those umbrellas close by just in case.

For Sunday, an area of low pressure that was in southwest Alabama helping kick off the showers and storms for Saturday, actually moves westward, so the rain chances for Sunday move westward with it, leaving us mostly dry with lots of sunshine.

But Monday, the rain chances return as a front enters the southeast region, increasing our chances for seeing some rain. And that front will actually stall out, giving us chances for showers and storms pretty everyday next week.

Tropics? Not much is going on in the Gulf or Caribbean at the moment, but there is an area of low pressure in the open southern Atlantic, Invest 94L. Right now the National Hurricane Center is giving it a 60% chance of something forming within the next 5 days. The models have it moving into the Caribbean. The big question, does it head toward central America, or does it turn more northward toward the Gulf. Stay tuned to the First Alert Weather Team for the latest.

Thanks for watching WRBL News 3 and have a great Saturday! Brian