Our moon will put on quiet the show on Wednesday with not one or two but THREE dazzling events and they all happen at once!

This months full moon or the Flower Moon will be like no other it will turn red thanks to a lunar eclipse. A lunar Eclipse is when the moon passes completely through the Earth’s dark shadow or the umbra. The moon gradually gets darker and eventually takes on a reddish glow. 

During this time the moon will be at its closet position to Earth, this means it will appear bigger and brighter than it normally would. So observers will notice a bigger and reddish moon!

The best area to view the lunar eclipse in its entirety will be in the western US near moonset but this doesn’t mean that central and eastern states will miss out. The lunar eclipse will begin on May 26th at 5:45 AM EDT and last through 7 AM EDT. So while stargazers east of the Mississippi may not get to experience much, they may get to observe at least a partial eclipse but of course weather permitting.

Unlike a solar eclipse, no special glasses will be needed. Just look up and watch the show. The last supermoon lunar eclipse was six years ago and the next one won’t occur until May of 2022.