Sunday is looking great with mostly sunny skies and no rain. Temperatures will climb a little higher today with highs in upper 80s, which is pretty much right where we should be for this time of the year, so a very seasonable day ahead.

For the next several days, high pressure continues to dominant our picture while in the mid section of the country, they’ve got showers and strong storms to deal with for their Memorial Day Weekend.

We could see a stray shower Monday, but we’ll see mostly sunny skies for most of the day until late afternoon, thanks to the clockwise flow around that high, it tries to bring in some moisture and squeeze out a few showers late. But, as they try to move in they dissipate due to the loss of daytime heating. Tuesday, some stray showers mostly south and west of us, so Tuesday will be pretty dry and warm with highs in the low 90s.

Checking out the tropics, no issues expected for the next 5 days in the Atlantic, Caribbean or Gulf, but there’s Tropical Storm Agatha in the eastern Pacific. The National Hurricane Center has Agatha becoming a Category 1 hurricane before landfall sometime on Monday. It tries to head for the Bay of Campeche, but judging by the different forecast model outputs, there’s not much confidence in where Agatha goes or where she ends up. But, we’ll keep our eye on her.

Back home, for the next 7 days, a stray shower is possible tomorrow for Memorial Day, but most of us will stay dry. Afterward, very seasonable, maybe a little above average for highs, but not too bad. Next chance for rain comes in late Thursday but that system is pretty weak, so even though we have rain chances Thursday into the weekend, not much rain is expected.

Thanks for watching WRBL News 3 and enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day Weekend! Brian