NWS surveys Wilmington Island for tornado damage

damage pics two_1557073842771.jpg_86160466_ver1.0_640_360_1557152200865.jpg.jpg

The National Weather Service spent Sunday out in the Wilmington Island community reviewing the damage left behind by the storm.

They said Saturday’s tornado started in the Savannah Yacht Club Area in the EF0 range.
Ron Morales, a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service said the tornado only intensified from there.

“As it continued eastward it appeared to strengthen into the EF1 range. As it got over to this Turner Rock area, there’s a small community, there was no structural damage there. But, a lot of tree damage,” Morales said.

He also added our area seems to be getting hit more with these types of storms and that the National Weather Service is looking into possible reasons. 

“From roughly Liberty County in Georgia, northward to Jasper County in South Carolina, seems to be more conducive to getting these[tornadoes] to the ground…They seem to like to want to come down to the ground in this area. We’ve got a lot of marshes, we’ve got a lot of boundaries,” Morales said.

And Saturday before the tornado hit CEMA’s siren system didn’t go off. In a statement, CEMA said it was offline due to maintenance. However, Catherine Glasby, Public Information Director for Chatham County said county residents shouldn’t rely on only their siren in an emergency. 

“Make sure they have other devices in place. You can get apps that will alert you to any kind of weather event. NOAA weather radio and all of our media outlet,” Glasby said.

Morales also noted this is a normal time of year for severe storms and tornadoes in the southeast, so it’s best to have a safety plan in place for any severe weather.

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