TODAY: This mornig we’re starting out mostly sunny with temps in the 70s all across the region, and even though things are ncie now, we do expect the clouds to return this afternoon, as we’ll be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy at times. If you have anything to do outdoors, it’s best to do it before 2pm. After 2pm, the rain coverage does pick up. That doesn’t mean everybody will see rain, just know we think the coverage today will be greater than yesterday.

WEEK AHEAD: Tomorrow is the first day of school for many Muscogee County kids, and as far as the morning commute goes, all should be good. But by the afternoon, more isolated showers and storms will be possible. And for Tuesday, much the same. Morning commute looks good, afternoon commute could see a few stray storms, although Tuesday, it looks like the storms fire up a little later, close to dinner time.

Looking at the next 7 days, temps pretty close or just below average with a chance for some showers and storms each day. There will be a better coverage of showers and storms on Thursday thanks to a frontal system in the area.

TROPICS: Right now all is quiet in the Gulf, the Caribbean, and Atlantic. It is not expect to stay that way. The National hurricane Center does have its eye on a Tropical Wave that will be coming of the coast of Africa, and they’ve increased the chance of formation to 40%. Now, does that mean that we have anything to worry about along the coast or in the Gulf, it’s way to early to tell and we probably won’t have a better idea until this time next week.