We’re starting out with mostly sunny skies, but clouds will be on the increase this afternoon with a chance for showers and storms. The coverage today is expected to be a little more than what we saw yesterday. Yesterday, the showers and storms were very isolated, today expect them to be more scattered, and then Monday, much more widespread.

The morning commute to work and school on Monday should be okay, but kids heading home after school tomorrow around 3 and 4, could be dealing with some wet and stormy weather, so plan accordingly. Same thing goes for anybody driving home from work around 5 and 6, the commute could be pretty wet.

As far as rainfall estimates for the next 7 days, lighter amounts to our south and higher amounts to our north. Anywhere from an inch and a half, to close to 3 inches. And of course these are just estimates, they could be higher or lower in spots if you are impacted by a strong storm at any point.

Bottom line, you’re going to need the umbrellas at times for much of the week ahead, but there is some good news. We’ll have a front swing through very early Friday and that will help clear the rain out of here for much of the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Have a great week and thanks for watching WRBL News 3! Brian